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Before: Geobag Professional Installation

Lake shoreline erosion due to changes in water levels and wind generated wave action will cause diminished property lines, undermine root systems of trees and damage structures.

During: Geobag Professional Installation

Prepping for Geobag system requires re-establishing retention pond embankment erosion with soil or even dredge waste if dredging is required. Geobags are a long-term solution to provide protection at the transition zone where the erosion is occurring.

After: Geobag Professional Installation

Geobags may be trenched at the top edge and below the waterline to secure each mat to the slope. Soil then can be swept over the top of the system where it can be seeded or sodded.

Endless Possibilities

Eco-friendly Geobags

Geobags are another strategy of restoring lake embankment erosion using hand or mechanical dredging near shorelines filling the bags with lost soil from the retention pond or lake. Sod can be added on top allowing for a seamless extension of property.

Re-establish Property Lines
Regain Property Value
Green Solutions For Erosion Issues
Geobag Retention Pond Embankment Restoration
Lake Shoreline Erosion Solutions
Regain Lost Property Lines

Professionally Installed Flexamat

Allow L.E.W. Inc. to help you restore your embankment and shoreline of your lakes and retention ponds. Flexamat tied concrete mat system is an erosion control mat consisting of concrete blocks embedded into a high-strength geo-grid. Flexamat is supplied with a synthetic backing to help shield underlying soil until vegetation can become established.

Fortify Properties From Future Erosion Guaranteed!

Full-Service Bank Restoration

01. Asses The Issues

Every job is unique and carries its own set of challenges. LEW Inc. has over 30 years of experience offering time proven advice for bank restoration.

02. Develop The Strategy

Strategy development is important giving our clients peace of mind as we move forward in the bank restoration process. This also includes a free estimate of the services to be performed allowing everyone to move forward in confidence.

03. Implement the Process

There are steps to bank restoration. These steps will differ depending on which geotextile is used. LEW Inc. will keep clients informed of what to expect during the bank restoration process.

04. Prepare Embankment

Embankment fortification with soil or geo-bags will be necessary depending on which bank restoration strategies used. This will help establish original property lines

05. Apply Geotextile

Flexamat can be rolled into place or geo-bags filled as soil stabilizer solutions

06. Sod Or Seed

Once geotextile to replace seed or sod can be applied over the top covering the geotextile allowing for solid root systems once established can be mounted safely with the tractor.

We Always Seek Do More For Our Clients.

LEW Inc. is here to exceed your expectations with over 30 years experience as you move forward with your next bank restoration project.

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