Affordable Eco-Friendly Solutions For Bank And Shoreline Erosion Control.

Affordable Eco-Friendly Solutions For Bank And Shoreline Erosion Control.

Owning property on a body of water is a highly desirable proposition. It invokes images of relaxation, inspiration and recreation. What most people do not consider is that the shoreline of that body of water is continually under assault of erosion. We know that bank erosion does not happen overnight. It takes years to notice how mother nature is slowly consuming your property lines and or eroding the banks of what used to be picturesque property. Some properties can experience 3 to 5 feet of loss within a ten year period. This places your property line in your lake that in turn reduces your property values.              

Lake embankment erosion due to changes in water levels and wind generated wave action will cause diminished property lines, undermine root systems of trees and damage structures. Serious weather events expedite this process. Let’s discuss popular options for restoring banks and shorelines.


Flexamat is a popular permanent solution for bank erosion.

There is a wide range of applications where Flexamat is utilized, but it is most commonly used for erosion control in channels, outlet protection, on slopes, and for shoreline protection. Flexamat consists of concrete blocks embedded into a high strength geogrid. There is spacing around each block that provides flexibility and allows for vegetation establishment.

Flexamat can be manufactured with various backings, such as nonwoven fabric to stop vegetation growth or a TRM (turf reinforcement mat)depending on the soil conditions and other factors. Flexamat offers permanent hard armor protection with a natural vegetated appearance. Flexamat may be mowed over with commercial mowing equipment or left to grow naturally. Aside from grass, there are many other types of native plant species that can be grown within the mat.

Flexamat is available in roll widths up to 16' wide. Mats are quickly placed and unrolled with the use of an excavator.

Prepping for Flexamat tied concrete mat system requires re-establishing embankments with soil or even dredge waste if dredging is required. Flexamat is a long-term solution to provide protection at the transition zone where the erosion is occurring. Flexamat may be trenched at the top edge and below the waterline to secure each mat to the slope. Soil then can be swept over the top of the system where it can be seeded or sodded.


·       permanent erosion protection

·       easy and low cost maintenance

·       environmentally friendly

·       efficient installation

·       withstands heavy boat traffic

·       inexpensive

Eco-friendly Geobag Technology

Geobags are another strategy of restoring embankments using hand or mechanical dredging near shorelines or bringing in sand filling the bags with lost soil / sand from the retention pond or lake. This procedure can be done by hand making it ideal for areas where large machinery would not be appropriate. Sod can be added on top allowing for a seamless extension of property.

Seawall Enhancement And Reinforcement

Geo bags can also be used for seawall reinforcement and enhancements. Most homeowners with a seawall and or marinas, public and privately owned properties are unaware of the integrity of their seawall. Most issues with seawall integrity cannot be seen because it is underwater. If your seawall is aged and still functioning properly, Geo bag technology is a great solution extending the life of your seawall at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

We Are Here To Help!

Allow L.E.W. Inc. to help you restore your banks and shorelines of your lakes and retention ponds. Flexamat tied concrete mat system is an erosion control mat consisting of concrete blocks embedded into a high-strength geo-grid. Flexamat is supplied with a synthetic backing to help shield underlying soil until vegetation can become established. Geobag technologies for shoreline restoration and seawall reinforcement and enhancement gives homeowners peace of mind protecting their property investment. One call can fix it all: 321-508-3574

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July 1, 2021