Four Reasons Why A Pond Fountain Aeration System Is A Good Idea.

Four Reasons Why A Pond Fountain Aeration System Is A Good Idea.

People create ponds for a multitude of reasons. Aesthetics, recreation, water retention or simply serenity on their property are just a few reasons for having a pond. No matter why you built your pond, pond health should be at the forefront of your thinking. Most man-made ponds struggle due to the lack of atmospheric diffusion that helps the water exchange oxygen at the water’s surface. Most man-made ponds are low on oxygen that affects fish, plants and wildlife. In this blog we will share the benefits of an aeration system and a man-made pond including specific aeration systems to reverse pond health issues.

1. Improved Water Quality

Improve the water quality of your lake or retention pond simply by adding an eco-friendly water fountain or aerator. Lack of water agitation reduces oxygen exchange in any body of water causing a buildup of ammonia, nitrates and nitrites that can kill fish and invertebrates.

Protect the precious Eco-system of your lakes and ponds by protecting fish from unhealthy water conditions. Other problems that aeration systems help with are:

Enhanced water quality and clarity, improve health of fish and wildlife, reduce fish kills, , reduction of organic sediment, enhanced beauty and aesthetic value, promotion of natural healthy bacteria levels to digest decaying organic waste.

2. Control Algae Growth And Negative Odors

Fountains and aerators help starve out the negative nutrients that algae need to grow and prosper. The aeration caused by fountains also effectively mixes algae spores into the deeper parts of the lake or pond  so that they will have less available sunlight and the ability to grow.

Aeration helps to reduce the hydrogen sulfide gas that collects at the bottom of lakes and ponds causing negative odors.

3. Decrease Mosquito Activity and Bottom Sediment

Mosquitoes require still water conditions for their eggs to develop. A fountain will create a constant flow of water in your lake or pond, helping to reduce the viable mosquito breeding habitat and acting as a natural and sustainable mosquito control solution.

Organic matter decomposes much more slowly under low oxygen conditions which can lead to a buildup of bottom sediment in your lake or pond.  Proper aeration by the use of a fountain will help reduce the overall accumulation of organic sediment, potentially prolonging or preventing the need for future dredging.

What Type of Aeration Should I Install?

A bubbler system provides relatively localized aeration and is commonly used in koi ponds and fishing farm applications. A fountain aerator is a broadcast type aeration system. Greater oxygen absorption is gained by throwing atomized water droplets into the air as the surface area contact of the water droplet is greater than the surface contact area of an air bubble with a body of water. The fountain aerator also creates a rippling effect of the aerated water which is then broadcast out over the entire pond.

Beautify Your Lake Or Retention Pond

Water fountains are aesthetically pleasing. Add some LED lights and now you have a piece of art that can be enjoyed both day and night. Water fountains are a great way to add tranquility with sight and sound to your waterfront area. Whether installed on your personal property or in your community lake or retention pond, make a statement with a beautifully installed water fountain from L.E.W. Inc provided by our trusted manufacturer Scott Aerator. Give LEW Inc a call 321-508-3574

Introducing Our Aquasweep Muck Blaster.

Keep your waterfront, dock area, and canals conveniently free of floating algae and debris. This super sturdy 8 foot long post installs directly into the ground beneath the water so you can get the advantages of blasting muck further from shore or in areas where you don’t have a dock!


Installation requires no special tools — simply drive the post down into the lake bottom using the steel sleeve provided, then use the dock post mounting bracket (included) to install your Aquasweep to the post! Comes complete with the dock post mounting bracket.

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May 21, 2021