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Fuel Polishing Services

Purify Fuel to Prevent Unexpected Engine Shutdown. We clean all kinds of fuel including diesel, gasoline, ethanol blends, kerosene and jet fuel with a filtration system able to clean and remove water, sludge, rust and microbial contamination to less than 2 microns.

Convenient Fuel Polishing Options

You can come to us. We can come to you. Did your contaminated fuel leave you stranded? We can come to you and purify your fuel quickly and efficiently. Maybe it's a boat, large equipment, vehicle or aircraft; we are here to help. You can also trailer your gear, equipment or vehicles to our yard where we can quickly polish your fuel so you can be on your way and save a few bucks to boot!

Fuel Contamination Happens

Whether you are dealing with 20 gallons or 200 gallons of fuel or more, if the fuel is contaminated, you need to contact Fuel Fix - fuel polishing services. Common contaminants are water, rust, sludge and microbes many times due to fuel dormancy. Life happens, fuel sits and contamination is inevitable. Don't throw the fuel out. Polish it!

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