We Provide Dredging Service For  Projects Big and Small.

01. Pond Dredging

Retention ponds are beautiful displays of nature. Under the surface is an aquatic world at the mercy of the community. Pond dredging restores life to the biosphere of your retention pond.

02. River Dredging

There is health and security with proper water flow in canals and rivers. From connecting larger bodies of water mitigating flood concerns to the vessel usage, dredging keeps it all flowing.

03. Marina Dredging

Water depth in a Marina is critical for safety and preventing property damage. Feel confident that your Marina is deep enough for any vessel mooring or slipped.

04. Industrial Dredging

An industrial accident can sometimes lead to the unintentional dumping of sediment and other debris into nearby ponds, lakes and waterways. Our sediment removal equipment can prove invaluable for hastening the clean-up process and minimizing the risk of contamination.

05. Hand Dredging

Tight locations and skinny water is impossible for large equipment to navigate. Precision hand dredging is an excellent answer for dredging challenges that are hard to reach.

06. Mechanical & Hydraulic Dredging

Mechanical and hydraulic dredging help to cover a wide gamut of time efficient solutions for larger projects.

Always Do More

L.E.W.’s Marine division is comprised of professional technicians and experienced operators skilled to employ specialized equipment with safety and precision with over 20 years of experience and study. Feel confident that L.E.W. can provide responsible and superior dredging with shoreline restoration for your lakes and ponds. L.E.W Marine Division, Caring For Our Waterways!

Bodies Of Water: Our Precious Resource

Dredging with aquatic vegetation removal are eco-friendly environmental dredging solutions for lakes, ponds, canals, rivers and waterways. Unmaintained ponds will literally disappear over time due to silt and sediment buildup. Silt removal can quickly and efficiently bring a body of water back to life.

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Why Is Dredging Important?

Excess of dead vegetation decomposition on lake beds cause water chemistry imbalances raising ammonia, nitrite and nitrates to potential hazardous levels depleting oxygen for fish. Also, Silt buildup due to decomposition escalates lake temperatures due to water depth reduction making lakes uninhabitable. Reduced water volume due to silt build-up in retention ponds and lakes will increase the threat of flooding.

Shallow water with decomposition causes algae blooms.
Silt buildup displaces retention pond capacity increasing flooding in communities.
Silt buildup prevents water flow that raises water temperature and causes stagnation.

Restore Your Ponds. Restore Your Property Values.

Property values suffer around retention ponds that have not been well maintained. LEW prides themselves by offering free estimates so that you can choose with confidence, a cost effective solution for your project. Retention pond challenges unfortunately do not go away by themselves. Be proactive. Restore your ponds. Restore your property values.


Mechanical Dredging

Mechanical dredging, different than hydraulic dredging performed by our Dino 6 uses an excavator on a barge to be floated and placed in specific locations for underwater clearing. Our barge is large yet small enough to get into tighter areas.

Mechanical dredging is best suited for environments that contain enough space for an excavator to operate, allowing the power-driven machine to extract, dispose, and scoop materials rapidly.

Mechanical dredging projects are typically located near a shoreline. They traditionally require several pieces of support equipment including the primary excavator that mechanically removes the sand and water placing the sand on the shoreline, loaders to move the sand on the shore, and trucks to deposit the sand at a nearby processing plant.

Great for canals, approaches and boat lifts.
Capable of coquina rock removal.
Fast and efficient underwater clearing.

Barge Services.

Need to move large items or equipment over water? LEW Inc offers barge services over our lakes, rivers and intercoastal waterways. Save time and money moving your precious cargo over water.


Dock Dredging

Dock Maintenance
Hand Dredging

Are your neighborhood boat canals getting shallower and shallower? Is there no water depth under your boat lift anymore? Are you dealing with trash and debris around your boat dock? Are you moving into a house with a dock where the water depth has not been maintained? LEW Inc. has practical answers for all of these issues featuring dock hand dredging and seawall reinforcement and enhancement.

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Concerned About the Integrity of Your Seawall?

Seawall integrity is difficult to judge due to the fact that the majority of the structure is underwater. Aged yet structurally sound seawalls can be reinforced utilizing silt and sediment that is being relocated during the dredging process. Many times dredge byproduct is simply removed from the premises for an extra fee. LEW Inc. offers the service of recycling this material enhancing seawalls and shorelines.

Use dredge sediment to fortify your seawall.
Relocate and recycle silt buildup for your behalf saving removal fees.
Strengthen and extend the life of an existing seawall.

Geo Bag
Eco-friendly Seawall Enhancement and Shoreline Restoration.

Geo Bags are a great eco-friendly solution for enhancing seawalls and rebuilding shorelines due to weather and aging. These bags can be filled with dredge byproduct silt and sediment to be used to strengthen and extend the life of seawalls and reestablish eroded shorelines.


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