Large Covered Storage Bays,
24 Hr Access with Monitored Surveillance Cameras

Why is covered storage a good idea? It’s HOT in Florida.
Avoid weather-related damage like sun, rain and hail. You just spent big money on a boat or RV, it’s time to protect your investment with year-round with covered storage offering 24 hour easy access and surveillance protection from vandalism. RVs are a big investment, and it's important to protect them from the elements. Covered storage is the best way to do this. Here are some of the reasons why:
1. Covered storage protects your RV from the sun, wind, and rain.
2. It keeps your RV clean and free of dirt and debris.
3. Covered storage helps to prevent rust and corrosion on your RV.
4. It helps to keep your RV's tires in good condition.
5. Covered storage provides security for your RV.
6. Our covered storage bays are large. 42’ long, 14’ wide, 12’ high, 13.6’ center height.
7. Our bays are pull through. No Backing in!

Stay Protected

Covered storage is the best way to protect your RV or boat. Our covered storage is designed to protect RVs from the elements. Our facilities have a 12 ft roof that keep the sun, rain and branches off of the RV. The effects of daily summer storms and relentless UV exposer will be minimized with covered storage. Our easy access is ideal for those using their RV or boat on a regular basis. Long term storage clients will benefit as well leaving their investment with peace of mind. Reach out today for special rates 321-508-3574.

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