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Lake & Pond Clearing, Lake Weed Removal &
Aquatic Weed Control.

Got lake weeds? We can Help! L.E.W. Can Mow Where Tractors Can’t Go. We are friends of your HOA, the Department of Transportation, and our community. Why is aquatic weed removal such a big deal? Without the proper equipment, aquatic weeds are difficult and dangerous to remove. These types of invasive plants, depending on location, threaten property, wildlife, and at times human life. Encroachment of roads without proper easement places humans in danger of striking wildlife with vehicles.
Allow L.E.W. Inc. to get the job done right the first time getting rid of lake weeds.
From fire hazards due to dry vegetation build up to making retention ponds inefficient causing flooding, L.E.W. is the trusted solution while not jeopardizing fish and other helpful aquatic wildlife. Lake weed removal is efficient and more environmentally safe than using popular chemicals disrupting further delicate ecosystems of your retention ponds.
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Our Marshmaster

Introducing our amphibious mower, your answer to overgrown aquatic vegetation.

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Our Weedoo Boat

Another powerful tool that cuts deep and scoops fast for lake weed removal.

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Has your retention pond seen better days? Help your HOA take control of the retention ponds in your community with environmentally safe aquatic vegetation removal such as the L.E.W. Marshmaster & Weedoo Boat. It is popular to use chemicals to kill aquatic weeds in lakes and retention ponds. Chemicals (such as copper sulfate) are a short sighted and potentially harmful solution for a larger ongoing problem. When overgrown aquatic weeds die from chemical poisoning, the remains collect on the bottom of the lake disrupting aquatic life by depleting oxygen in the water, causing suffocation potential that leads to dead fish and invertebrates if not removed. Save your ponds, fish, and property values with Eco-friendly and trustworthy lake weed removal. It’s the environmentally safe answer for your community. Restore life to your lake!
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Lake and Pond Maintenance Experts

L.E.W. Inc. is locally owned and operated in Melbourne, Florida with a goal of taking back our lakes, ponds and waterways with lake weed and invasive aquatic vegetation removal. If ignored, aquatic weed overgrowth can literally take over a body of water and kill the lake. There are thousands of lakes and retention ponds in Florida that ultimately need to be on an eco-friendly maintenance plan. L.E.W. Inc. offers one-time service and annual maintenance contracts to be sure your Lake or pond is healthy and performing like it should at competitive prices.
Protect the environment with chemical free Lake weed removal.
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L.E.W. Inc. is positioned with three exclusive mighty machines to tackle lake weed and invasive aquatic vegetation removal. We offer a complete solution including the Marshmaster amphibious mower, the Weedoo boat with deep aquatic cutting and scooped removal, and the Dino6 dredge for root system and sediment elimination.

Wetland Mowing

The Marshmaster amphibious mower can mow where tractors can't go. The Marshmaster can quickly mow clearings for easements, right of ways, invasive vegetation growth on the edges or middle of lakes and ponds.

Cutting & Removal

The Weedoo boat is an aquatic vegetation harvester that can cut deep below the surface of the water and then scoop all of the lake weeds to the banks of your lake or pond for removal eliminating the complications of plant decomposition in the water


The Dino6 dredge is small enough to be agile yet large enough to get the job done. Its size and weight are perfect for retention pond cleaning by recycling sediment for shore restoration using eco-friendly Geo form bag technology.

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