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We understand what it takes to maintain safe pipeline integrity.

Integrity, Reliability & Commitment to Excellence

L.E.W. Inc. is a full-service piping company strongly committed to safety and maintaining the integrity of pipelines and piping systems. Strategically located in Melbourne, L.E.W. can provide nationwide coverage of services with highly experienced team members operating specialized machines and equipment trained with recognition through Veriforce and ISNetworld. Feel confident that LEW is your pipeline integrity solution.

Pipeline Inspection Gauges

Pigging is the practice of using pipeline inspection gauges, devices generally referred do as pigs or scrapers to perform various maintenance operations. This is done without stopping the flow of the product in the pipeline.

Pipeline Services

General pipeline cleaning, replacement, & repair
Welding, fabrication, intermittence,
& tie-ins
Diagnosis, excavation &
repairs of anomalies
Application & repair of external coatings on buried or
submerged components
Safe disconnection of abandoned pipeline facilities
Conducting D.O.T.
pipeline pressure tests
Inspection of existing pipe clearence to underground structures
Installation or repair of support structures above ground
Backfilling excavation & on the job damage prevention
Evacuation of pipe-inert gas; flammable gas; liquids
Pipeline facility security

Place and maintenance of
permanent line markers

Full encirclement sleeve, tight fitting sleeve, & oversleeve

Stopple fitting preparation
Hot tap 2” and under
Hot Tap 2 1/2” and larger
Repair defective welds
(excluding welds containing cracks)

Perform specialized welding
Sandblasting & coating
Grouting abandoned pipelines
Right of Way mowing & clearing
Loading, unloading, &
monitoring P.I.G. runs

D.C.V.G. testing
Line locating
Close interval surveying

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