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This is your answer for fast and efficient sludge and sediment removal from any body of water! Our Dino6 dredge is ready for action. Without dredging, retention ponds, lakes and waterways will eventually become dry land in part or in extreme cases, the whole body of water will dry up. As sediment increases, the water volume potential of any natural or man-made fixture decreases causing flooding and disruption of sensitive ecosystems. The Dino6 dredge is big enough to get the job done yet small enough to get into hard to get areas without damaging the shore.

It’s time to clean Florida’s most precious resource. Muck and sludge removal are vital to a healthy retention pond and waterway keeping the water from becoming stagnant or becoming infested with invasive vegetation. By decreasing the nitrogen-rich muck at the bottom of your pond or lake, you can help re-oxygenate the water providing a healthy environment for wildlife, increasing water volume while returning to a manicured aesthetic. This helps to increase the clarity of your water, which allows more sunlight to the bottom. Give L.E.W. Inc. a call to confirm your retention pond is ready for the wet season. Phone: 321-508-3574

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Scott Aerator Official
Dealer & Installer.

All of our pond fountains, aerators, muck-movers and sub-surface aerators are Eco-friendly, oil-free and require almost no maintenance.
Proudly made in the USA!

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We strive to provide top of the line services to maintain pipeline integrity, dredging, hauling, and high-end clearing & mowing utilizing the best technology and highly-trained employees. All L.E.W. Inc. employees are highly-skilled, completely trained in operating special machines, and equipment with training that is recognized through Veriforce and ISNetworld.
01. Pipeline

Are you looking for pipeline integrity? L.E.W.Inc.is a full-service, safety first, piping company strongly committed tomaintaining the integrity of pipelines Learnmore

02. Clearing & Mowing

Do you need aquatic weed removal for your community retention ponds or impossible to reach locations? Need forestry mulching / grinding? L.E.W. Inc. provides customized high-end services  for right-of-way areas, non-commercia land Department of Transportation projects.

03. Hauling

Did you need that equipment there yesterday? L.E.W. Inc. provides quality and personalized transportation for numerous load quantities nationwide at reasonable rate. Loads from heavy equipment to pipeline material as well as cleaning and ILI tools.

04. Dredging

L.E.W. strongly implaments advanced solutions for safe and effective removal of earth, muck, sand, and sediment. Our services never fail to provide safe and effective Geo solutions for stabilizing the bank and shorelines for any waterway.  

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L.E.W. carries a solid reputation as a nationwide pipeline integrity company, but our services don’t stop there. We are committed to taking our creative solutions for aquatic vegetation removal, wetland mowing, land clearing, and hauling to your community. Experience how L.E.W. can help your HOA and government outdoor maintenance department solve the toughest wetland clearing challenges with paramount safety protocols. We have the team, the know-how, and the equipment for any job, big or small.  Our team confidently uses progressive equipment and technology for all services to get the job done right the first time. Feel confident knowing that your project will receive a skilled and experienced crew with over 20 years in the field ready to solve any challenge.  Discover the L.E.W. difference!

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We compile decades of experience into blogs to help educate about the impacts of our services. Explore our latest works and share with those researching topics such as dredging, aquatic vegetation removal, and more!

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Expand Your Knowledge

We compile decades of experience into blogs to help educate about the impacts of our services. Explore our latest works and share with those researching topics such as dredging, aquatic vegetation removal, and more!

Affordable Eco-Friendly Solutions For Bank And Shoreline Erosion Control.

Owning property on a body of water is a highly desirable proposition. It invokes images of relaxation, inspiration and recreation. What most people do not consider is that the shoreline of that body of water is continually under assault of erosion. We know that bank erosion does not happen overnight. It takes years to notice how mother nature is slowly consuming your property lines and or eroding the banks of what used to be picturesque property.
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Benefits Of Dock Hand Dredging And Seawall Reinforcement

Is your Boat Draft Greater Than The Water Under Your Lift Or Slip? We have all heard the phrase, “Out of sight, out of mind.” Water around our docks and boat lifts seem fine for years until the rude awakening that debris, trash and shallow water has damaged our boat, motor or both.
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Four Reasons Why A Pond Fountain Aeration System Is A Good Idea.

People create ponds for a multitude of reasons. Aesthetics, recreation, water retention or simply serenity on their property are just a few reasons for having a pond. No matter why you built your pond, pond health should be at the forefront of your thinking.
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Flooding! Why Lakes And Retention Ponds Fail To Manage Stormwater Runoff

Water is powerful and will do whatever it can to reach its own level. If retention pond drains are obstructed by silt, plant roots and debris the design of the retention pond will cease to work properly. Sometimes the problem is easily recognized while other times the trouble is underwater. Underwater clogs in drainage is like a ticking time bomb because you won’t notice the problem until there are rain events that cause flooding.
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Some pictures and video of the Dino6 dredger graciously provided by Geoform International.