Benefits Of Dock Hand Dredging And Seawall Reinforcement

Benefits Of Dock Hand Dredging And Seawall Reinforcement.

Is your Boat Draft Greater Than The Water Under Your Lift Or Slip?

We have all heard the phrase, “Out of sight, out of mind.” Water around our docks and boat lifts seem fine for years until the rude awakening that debris, trash and shallow water has damaged  our boat, motor or both. For many boat owners, boat lift water depth is the last thing on their mind until they can’t get their boat out or they consistently run too shallow for their props kicking up muck and even debris that could damage props, shafts and motors. Did you buy your dream boat but can’t get it in or out of your dock, slip or lift? Silt build up under a boat lift or dock impedes vessel access. Removing silt build up is not an easy task without expertise and the proper precision equipment.

What Is Hand Dredging?

Hand dredging is a “full contact sport” of putting workers in the water pumping silt and hand removing debris and trash from around docks, boat lifts, and canals leading to such areas. Working in the water for long periods of time is tiring. We recommend hiring a professional.

The hazards of broken glass, accidental “over boards” of objects big and small that lead to rusty sharp items hidden within the silt under water. Dredging accompanied with hand shoveling can move silt build up in precision locations to increase water depths for vessels requiring greater draft. Hand dredging is very effective where larger machines do not have access. Hand Dredging allows working in shallow “skinny” water where big machines would only get stuck. Hand dredging also allows for getting into tight spaces under docs, narrow canals, boat lifts and slips.

Silt Removal or Repurposing.

Relocating silt for removal is a popular solution during hand dredging. This would require loading and trucking the dredge by product after the dredging process. Many people needing hand dredging services also need shoreline restoration due to erosion and or seawall reinforcement.

With the development of Geo Bag eco-friendly technology, silt and mud can be not only relocated but repurposed to rebuild shorelines and fortify seawalls. Here is how it works. As the silt is being pumped, it is being directed to strategically positioned Geo Bags for filling.

If used for shoreline restoration, the bags are placed to re-extend the shoreline that could be covered with sand, soil and even re-sodded if necessary.

If used for seawall fortification, the bags are stacked in front of the properly functioning seawall to extend the seawalls longevity. This is a great example of working with nature, not against to achieve desired results when dredging is the only option. Repurposing dredge silt saves in trucking costs as well as restoring the precious shoreline and seawalls.

Affordable Help With Hand Dredging Projects!

Ignoring the problem on the surface of the water around your dock, boat lift or slip will only prolong potential costly boat damage. Ask yourself these questions. Are you losing depth under your boat lift? Is there trash and debris in the water all around dock? Would you like to enhance and fortify your current seawall? Stock maintenance hand dredging is a practical solution for all of these issues. Tight locations and skinny water is impossible for large equipment to navigate. Precision hand dredging is an excellent answer for dredging challenges that are hard to reach. Give LEW Inc. a call at 321-508-3574 and visit our website We are here to help!

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May 25, 2021