Bank Restoration

Affordable Eco-Friendly Solutions For Bank And Shoreline Erosion Control.

Owning property on a body of water is a highly desirable proposition. It invokes images of relaxation, inspiration and recreation. What most people do not consider is that the shoreline of that body of water is continually under assault of erosion. We know that bank erosion does not happen overnight. It takes years to notice how mother nature is slowly consuming your property lines and or eroding the banks of what used to be picturesque property.

Dredging Blogs

Benefits Of Dock Hand Dredging And Seawall Reinforcement

Is your Boat Draft Greater Than The Water Under Your Lift Or Slip? We have all heard the phrase, “Out of sight, out of mind.” Water around our docks and boat lifts seem fine for years until the rude awakening that debris, trash and shallow water has damaged our boat, motor or both.

Dredging Blogs

Flooding! Why Lakes And Retention Ponds Fail To Manage Stormwater Runoff

Water is powerful and will do whatever it can to reach its own level. If retention pond drains are obstructed by silt, plant roots and debris the design of the retention pond will cease to work properly. Sometimes the problem is easily recognized while other times the trouble is underwater. Underwater clogs in drainage is like a ticking time bomb because you won’t notice the problem until there are rain events that cause flooding.

Clearing & Mowing Blogs

Three Water Weeds For Floridians To Watch Out For

Florida waters are a breeding ground for countless water weeds that decrease the health of our ponds, lakes, and waterways. Here are three common water weeds to look out for in your community waterways.

Clearing & Mowing Blogs

Three Facts About Aquatic Vegetation Removal You Should Know Before Spraying!

How do we do our part to maintain waterway health and remove invasive vegetation? Before you schedule a company to spray your waterway with chemicals, make sure you consider the following facts.

Dredging Blogs

Why Is Dredging Essential For Ponds, Lakes, and Waterways?

If sedimentation is a natural process, why should we disturb it, and why is dredging neighborhood ponds, lakes and waterways essential?

Clearing & Mowing Blogs

Remove Aquatic Vegetation Without Chemicals

Increase neighborhood retention pond health and property value with L.E.W. Inc.

Fuel Fix

Three Reasons Why I Need Fuel Polishing?

Whether you are dealing with 20 gallons or 200 gallons of fuel or more, if the fuel is contaminated, you need fuel polishing services. Purify Fuel to Prevent Unexpected Engine Shutdown. Fuel polishing services can clean all kinds of fuel including diesel, gasoline, ethanol blends, kerosene and jet fuel with a filtration system able to clean and remove water, sludge, rust and microbial contamination.

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