Remove Aquatic Vegetation Without Chemicals

Remove Aquatic Vegetation Without Chemicals.

By: Savannah Sayan

L.E.W. believes that your neighborhood deserves eco-friendly solutions for lake and pond maintenance. The health of your neighborhood’s retention pond is reliant on dedicated professionals to clean and maintain these delicate ecosystems. Currently, chemical treatments are a popular approach yet is proven to be a short sighted solution for an ongoing problem.

Chemical Treatments Are Convenient, Yet Cause Issues In The Future.

Chemicals used to removelake weeds will cause challenges in the long run. Even compounds commonly suggested as the safest choice, such as copper sulfate, will stress the ecosystem in your retention pond while also making your pond more vulnerable to further overgrowth of vegetation. Copper sulfate sediments are heavy, resulting in most of the chemicals sinking to the bottom of a pond upon application, meaning that the harmful plants on the surface that are the main target will be minimally effected. Unfortunately, what will be effected are the smaller organisms that call your pond home. Copper ions are toxic to invertebrates and fish, so any of the organisms that ingest heavy metals in the water will be likely to die, knocking out multiple important levels in the ecosystem’s food chain. This can cause a domino effect of further decomposition destabilizing the ecosystem.

Lake Weeds Treated With Chemicals Need To Be Removed.

Most companies that utilize chemicals to kill Lake weeds in ponds do not clear the decaying plants because the dead vegetation will sink to the bottom of the pond overtime. This leaves you with two options: spend more money hiring a company to clean the dead vegetation out of your neighborhood pond, or let the harmful plants decompose naturally. If an exuberant amount of vegetation decomposes in your retention pond all at one time, the water will become over saturated with ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate buildup that can cause further water toxicity! Chemical buildup is also an issue. With this mass decay on top of the scarce food sources caused by chemicals, your neighborhood aquatic ecosystem is headed for extinction. Now you will be spending additional money to remedy the problem.

Consider Safe, Cost Effective And Eco-friendly Solutions For Aquatic Vegetation Removal.

To achieve a clean waterway with strategies that are cost-effective and environmentally safe, choose L.E.W. Inc. Feel confident that our approach will yield effective results quickly and efficiently. Popular chemical treatments are tempting, yet proven to kick the can down the road when it comes to a practical solution for aquatic vegetation removal. L.E.W. only utilizes the highest quality of machinery with an experienced staff to maintain the safety and health of our waterways and ecosystems. Ask about our lake maintenance plans.

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April 15, 2020