How is L.E.W. Different?

We provide customized high-end aquatic vegetation removal, grinding, clearing & mowing on right-of-way
areas, wetland & dry, non-commercial areas, and Department of Transportation projects.

L.E.W. can provide what you need in the following areas:

Marshmaster Services
D.O.T. Clearing & Mowing
R.O.W. Clearing & Mowing
Marsh Lands Cleanup
Skyline Trimmers
Litter Removal
Pathway Clearing
Side By Side Services

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Forestry Grinding

Land clearing and invasive species control can be accomplished quickly. Commercial or residential, we are here to serve you. Is your vegetation encroaching on your neighbor's land? Get rid of those vines and pepper trees!

Code in regard to overgrown lots in Brevard County: The existence of excessive overgrowth upon any lot, tract or parcel of land, improved or unimproved, within 25 feet of any improved property within the unincorporated area of the county, or within 25 feet of any federal, state or county highway, street, road or road right-of-way is hereby declared a public nuisance and thereby prohibited.

Call us and save money before the city or county hires their preferred vendor at a premium price that you will ultimately be responsible for.

Lake Weed Removal & Aquatic Vegetation Control.

Got lake weeds? We can Help! L.E.W. Can Mow Where Tractors Can’t Go. We are friends of your HOA, the Department of Transportation, and our community. Why is aquatic vegetation management such a big deal? Without the proper equipment, aquatic weeds are difficult and dangerous to remove. These types of invasive plants, depending on location, threaten property, wildlife, and at times human life. Encroachment of roads without proper easement places humans in danger of striking wildlife with vehicles.
Allow L.E.W. Inc. to get the job done right the first time getting rid of lake weeds.
From fire hazards due to dry vegetation build up to making retention ponds inefficient causing flooding, L.E.W. is the trusted solution while not jeopardizing fish and other helpful aquatic wildlife. Lake weed removal is efficient and more environmentally safe than using popular chemicals disrupting further delicate ecosystems of your retention ponds.
Don’t Spray! Contact us today for your lake and pond maintenance.

Our Marshmaster

Introducing our amphibious mower, your answer to overgrown aquatic vegetation.

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Our Weedoo Boat

Another powerful tool essential for maintaining clean and healthy lakes and ponds.

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Help your HOA take control of the retention ponds in your community with environmentally safe aquatic vegetation removal such as the L.E.W. Marshmaster & Weedoo Boat. It is popular to use chemicals to kill aquatic weeds in retention ponds. Chemicals are a short sighted and potentially harmful solution for a larger ongoing problem. When overgrown aquatic vegetation dies from chemical poisoning, the remains collecton the bottom of the lake disrupting aquatic life by depleting oxygen in the water, causing suffocation. Save your ponds, fish, and property values with Eco friendly aquatic vegetation harvesting and removal. It’s the environmentally safe answer for your community.
Ask your HOA to contact L.E.W. today for lake and pond maintenance services!

Fast and Efficient
Vegetation Removal

If you haven't called us, your vegetation is still growing.