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Historically and legally, salvage is any voluntary and successful rescue of a boat and its cargo from a peril. Many times a barge is necessary to retrieve a vessel that is incapacitated whether slipped, moored, sunk or ran ashore.

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Here is an important note: It is not necessary that the danger or peril to the vessel be immediate, imminent or absolute. In order to justify a salvage award for salvage services, it is sufficient that if, when such service is rendered, the vessel has encountered danger, misfortune, peril or other circumstances which might expose her to damage or destruction if the services were not rendered.

Contracting Marine Salvage

When contracting for salvage services based on peril due to a storm, barge services are very helpful, safe and efficient for recovering a vessel that has sunk or is in a precarious position in or near the water’s edge.

Environmental Impacts

LEW Inc. will also take appropriate precaution to secure fuel, oil and batteries in regards to environmental impacts with a disabled vessel.

Other Considerations With Boat Recovery.

Price may vary according to size, hull material, depth and environmental danger involved. Possible Diver & Towing Fees may apply!

Time Is Of The Essence.

Leaking abandoned vessels are hazards that need to be addressed quickly. Prevent EPA fines with swift vessel salvage and recovery.

Insurance Recovery

Whether recovery is necessary for proof of loss, transfer of ownership to the insurance company or the starting point for repairs LEW Inc. can help in your insurance recovery.

What Our Clients Say...

"Thanks LEW Inc. for getting our boat out of the water quickly. When we didn't know what to do, you were there to help!"

LEW Client

"After the hurricane our boat sunk in a difficult to reach location. LEW was able to retrieve our vessel safely."

LEW Client

"LEW saved us from ongoing environmental fines due to our boat being under water after the storm. Don't put it off. Give LEW a call!"

LEW Client

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